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HS.Podcast - Episode 7: The Story of Q doctor and Telemedicine

142 min read

Alex, James and Nathan are joined by Dr Chris Whittle CEO and Founder of Q doctor an online video doctor service providing safe, secure, instant and easy to use video GP consultations from your PC or smartphone. The team discuss the journey of an early founder, selling into public health systems and ensuring that technology companies put policy and patient safety first.

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HS. at Giant Health

114 min read

Meet the HS. Team, our portfolio companies and guests in the HS. Zone at Giant Health. Exhibiting will be: MedShr, Perfect Ward, RiseIQ, Vesalian, Orbitject, the Owlett and Juno.

HS.Podcast - Episode 6: The Story of Babylon Health

89 min read

Alex and James are joined by Dr Umang Patel, partnerships and clinical director at Babylon Health, whose mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. We chat about dropping the costs of delivering healthcare, the recipe to Babylon's success, the importance of culture when companies scale and Umang offers his advice to anyone looking to enter the world of health-tech entrepreneurship.

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