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HS.Podcast - Episode 10: The Story of Styliff, User-Centric Design and Elite Sport

106 min read

This week James is joined by Charlie Regis the co-founder of Styliff Tech. Styliff is an award winning London & Slovenia based development company who pride themselves on perfecting technology in style. Charlie became European Doubles Champion in Tennis with co-founder Lucas in 2012. He worked at Bastion PR Agency in sports sponsorship and earned his BSc in International Business from Loughborough University. 

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HS.Podcast - Episode 9: The Story of Healthtech Regulation and Innovation

134 min read

This week James is joined by Eric M. Fish who is the Senior Vice President of Legal Services at the Federation of State Medical Boards and serves as the general counsel for the organisation. Eric also assists in the FSMB's federal and state advocacy efforts, analysing legislation and healthcare trends, and consulting on the development of model policies for state medical boards.

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