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    Find A Talented Co-Founder

    We hand-pick highly talented individuals who are experts in their field and match them with co-founders who possess complimentary skills.

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    Make Your Idea A Reality

    Whether you have an idea for a health company or not we’ll help you find and develop a startup suited to your skill set.

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    Grow Your Health Startup

    Our network of tech and health mentors will push you to grow your idea while avoiding common pitfalls and preparing you for seed rounds and investor opportunities.

From Talented Individual To Health Startup Founder

We’re passionate about building world-class health startups from exceptional individuals

HS.Build is the first and only pre-seed incubator programme designed for exceptional individuals wishing to create technologically defensible startups to tackle major issues in health and healthcare. We know it's tough finding a high-quality co-founder and our experience running accelerators and successful startups in health tech means we know all the issues that prevent both individuals and early-stage startups from being the best they can be. It is tough navigating the rules, regulations and procurement channels in health systems. Luckily we’re here to do the hard work, connect you with the right people early and future-proof your startup to give you the best chance to succeed.

Arrive With Nothing, Leave As A Founder

We won’t turn you away if you don’t have an idea, product, business model, first customers or a co-founder

We're entrepreneurs ourselves and we know that not everyone is able to quit their job, move location or drop out of college/university when they are starting out as a founder. In fact most of the best founders we know began by working incredibly hard, building their company around their day job before moving to focus on their startup full-time. The HS.Build programme caters to everyone, whether you are finishing your degree, already working at Google or want to focus on the programme full-time we're here to help you. All that we ask is that you are able to attend the mandatory elements and work well with your co-founder. Getting into HS.Build is tough but the rewards are huge.

Build Your Startup At Lightspeed

The HS.Build platform provides mentoring, personal development, business education, networking and much more

We actively help you build a co-founding team, conceive and test your idea and then identify and create your MVP and intro you to customers. We will challenge you to think big and push your own ability to the limit. You can think of us as your first advisor or co-founder.

As an individual and as part of your team you will receive mentoring and a personal development plan (PDP) to help maximise your chances of success and guide you through the process. We will help you plan a vesting schedule to ensure everyone involved in the startup is fairly represented for their contribution.

The HS.Build Programme fees are waived for successful applicants

We take 4% equity only if you successfully found a startup and in exchange you get all the benefits of the HS.Build programme and HS. Ecosystem.

The HS.Build Programme is only for the most talented individuals. We look for future-founders with PhD, business, tech or industry experience and the application is open to anyone who wants to build a health startup regardless of age, location or skillset. All we ask is that you want to learn, can demonstrate resilience and are willing to work unbelievably hard. We'll continue to support you after you graduate, help you acquire customers and can invest in the best startups.

Revolutionise Health, Save The World

Our unique team of health professionals, entrepreneurs and industry partners are here to guide you on your startup journey

Healthcare worldwide is badly broken with Western countries nearing 20% GDP spend, making current healthcare unsustainable. Health in general is far from optimised for the consumer. Entrepreneurs from health, technology and business backgrounds wishing to create a disruptive health startup are currently segregated and rely on meetups, co-finder websites or serendipity to find a co-founder with complimentary skills who is as passionate as they are about healthcare.
Better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transforming the quality and reduce the cost of health and care services. It can give patients and citizens more control over their health and wellbeing, empower carers, reduce the administrative burden for care professionals, and support the development of new medicines and treatments.

What Are You Waiting For?

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