How HS. Works

Programme Details

HS. Quarterly Applications are OPEN

Found A World-Changing Health Startup

The HS. programme is designed to tackle global health problems through technology by selecting and accelerating the best health tech founders and companies on the planet.cWe will challenge you to think big and push your own ability to the limit.

We Help You Scale and Connect Your With Sales Channels

HS. does not require moving your operations in order to access potential dealmakers, customers, partners and advisors. The programme is delivered through private events, mentor reviews, checkins, clinics and our coaching tools.

HS. enables innovative health-tech companies to access the supply chains of our partners facilitating and enabling your company to scale by providing access to revenue streams while solving validated and revenue generating customer problems. The HS. team has specific expertise at selling both into the National Health Service together with scaling companies through international sales channels.
HS. provides a specialised programme that supports fast-growing companies ensuring sufficient infrastructure and support and matches your product to large multi-nationals ensuring product-market-fit and basing decision on health economics cases.

You'll be paired with a mentor and at the start of the programme they'll work with you to identify key markets and sales channels.

Programme Delivery

We know you’ll get there anyway, but with our help you will get there faster. We'll turn up the throttle on your company's journey.

Following acceptance we match the programme to your specific needs, pair you with a mentor and match you to a potential commercial partner once you are ready. You'll be immediately signed up to our online system and we'll develop a personal development plan to maximise what you want to get out of the programme.

We know that you will work incredibly hard but we will push you to succeed faster. The initial stage of the programme will focus on developing your product, ensuring that users love what you are creating and then scaling fast and getting investment as required.

  • Step 0 The Application

    The Application

    As part of the application process we get to know your team and your company. This helps us to get started quickly and help you 10x your value proposition quickly.

  • Step 1 Baseline


    The HS. team and mentors will be working closely with you to help match the programme to you immediate needs. This includes optimising your product, getting customers, pitching for investment and much more. There will be weekly checkins and monthly events and challenges.

  • Step 2 Customers


    We will be pushing you to grow your company around set metrics and will expect you to demonstrate month-on-month growth. Growth will focus on new users and customers and also on product optimisation to ensure customers love your product. At this stage we would expect weekly checkins to move to twice monthly.

  • Step 3 Scaling


    Once we are happy that customers love what you are building we will help you ensure you have the infrastructure, funds and attributes to scale both in your home market and abroad. We will utilise our partner sales pipelines and checkins will move to one monthly.

  • Step 4 Funding


    We’ll help you optimise your pitch deck, practise pitching and find the best investors for your company. We’ll get you demoing, ensure your health compliance is in order and look at the best ways to deploy capital for your company.

  • Step 5 HS. Beyond

    HS. Beyond

    You'll stay in the HS. ecosystem for life and are part of HS. forever. You'll be invited to exclusive events and help mentor earlier stage companies as you grow.

    We're entrepreneurs ourselves and we know that different types of tech and business models can vary in the time needed to build them. The above time-periods act as a guide only. If you are super-productive we'll speed the process up for you if you need more time to acquire datasets or to build your product we'll continue to support you till you get it right.

The Most Competitive Opportunity You Will Ever Apply For

The programme and application are fluid but we review applications and interview in quarterly batches. There is nothing to lose by applying and if you think you have what it takes we would love to hear from you regardless of stage.