How HS. Build Works

The Selection Process

HS.B1 Application Deadline 01/01/18

How The Selection Process Works

Getting accepted onto the HS.Build programme will likely be one of the most challenging things that you do as an individual. The selection process begins with an online application and ends with in-person interviews where your future-founder traits will be put to the test.
The HS. Ecosystem offers startups an unfair advantage but we can't do all of the work for you and so it is imperative that you are self-motivated and can demonstrate that you are already on your way to being a startup founder.
Although it is very tough, the process is also fair and as entrepreneurs ourselves we know that learning comes from failing on multiple occasions. We provide all applicants with feedback on their performance and there is no limit to the number of times that you can apply.

The Most Competitive Job You Will Ever Apply For

Here at HS. we feel that being the co-founder of a health startup is the best job in the world. Not only are you working for yourself and creating something from nothing you are also impacting the lives and well-being of people around the world while learning lots in a short space of time. As the rewards are great the application process is tough and we only select the very best applicants. We are looking for highly motivated, talented individuals who can adapt under pressure and demonstrate resilience, determination and brilliance.

  • Round 1 Written Application

    Written Application

    The online application has been designed to highlight key skills and give you the opportunity to show us how good you are. We want to know about your academic background and what you’re currently working on.

    We review thousands of applications and successful applicants will be shortlisted for interview. We want to know about what entrepreneurial activities you have done so far and what your USP is.

    Head over to the online application form now to begin.

  • Round 2 Interviews


    If you get through round 1 you will be invited for an in-person or online interview depending on your location. You will have 2-3 interviews focusing on key founder attributes and your own unique skills. We’ll also ask you to create a pitch deck for a health startup idea.

  • Round 3 Final Selection

    Final Selection

    Our final selection process is top secret. You will have a final interview with the team and will have a few key tasks to perform ahead of a final decision.

Apply Today

The programme and application are fluid but we review applications and interview in batches. The next programme start date is shown below. The earlier you apply the higher your chances of success.

HS.B1 Programme Start: 11th November 2017

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